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When you need a little help and guidance in your photographic journey.  

Private Individual Training

Private Individual Lessons

Private Lessons & Consultation Services:  Meet your photography goals at your own pace!

When you want dedicated consultation and/or instruction, one-on-one, at your own pace and on your own schedule, tailored private instruction can help you efficiently and effectively reach your learning goals.

Before your lessons begin, Lisa Langell will consult with you to build a custom Photography Learning Plan that is suited for the skills you want to learn.  The plan then becomes the compass by which we will organize your lessons, build your skills, and reflect upon your growth as you gain critical skills.

Packages are as follows:

 Photo Critique session (90 mins):  10 images reviewed.  Images I prefer to review are of wildlife, nature, and/or abstracts.  We meet live via Zoom to review and discuss your work. This is a conversation about your work. I want to learn how you approach your work as well as provide feedback.  Session includes time for Q&A, feedback on settings, composition, focus, and/or post-processing based on your images, needs and goals.  After our live session, you receive the recorded session to keep.  You may participate in solo or share the session with a friend.  $169.  

General photography or post-processing instruction:
Learn at your own pace, focused on your goals.  I can help you master settings, composition, technique, and/or post-processing with Photoshop.

•  3-hour package:   On-site - $499    •   Online/Live Web Conference:  $449
•  5-hour package:   On-site:  $699    •   Online/Live Web Conference:  $599
•  10-hour package: On-Site:  $1199   •  Online/Live Web Conference:  $999

Due to COVID-19, I am not scheduling in-person sessions at this time. 

Packages may be broken into sessions of 90-minutes each and must be completed within 180 days from purchase so that your learning is consistent and progressive.  

BONUS: Bring a friend for free!  As a gift for your friend, or to help defer costs, you may invite one additional person at no extra cost.   The learning objectives we develop will be followed according to your specific needs, so it is best if your friend is at a similar level of skill and has similar goals so that he/she may maximally benefit.  

Please Contact Lisa Langell at 602-345-0883 or via email for details and scheduling.

Contact Lisa for scheduling and details.

Live Webinars and On-Demand Video Classes

Live Interactive Webinars:

Live Webinars allow you a phenomenal opportunity to ask questions, learn with interactive lessons, and finally master some of the skills you've always wanted. Each class is inexpensive, 60-90 minutes and you will receive a recording of the class for later viewing.  Join me live from the comfort of your living room. 

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On-Demand Video Classes and Tutorials:

If you can't participate "live" in our webinars, watch the session on-demand, on your own schedule. 

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Workshops and Outings:

Workshops and Photo Outings:

There is nothing better than hands-on training with a seasoned professional photographer.  In these workshops and outings, you have the opportunity to interact with Lisa and other photographers, pick up tips, create incredible images, and make new friends who also share your passion for photography.  Workshops give you the opportunity to relax, put your busy life on pause, and focus on creating beautiful photographs.  Read what others are saying about Lisa's workshop.  To view her Workshop Page clicks on the button below. 

Current and Future Workshops.
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